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MAY 2024

May 31st, 2024
Good morning from the spring season abandoned desk I'm just now getting reacquainted with.
If you've been with us for a while, you'll know that spring is when field work rockets to the top of our priority list around here, and everything else gets knocked down a position or two.
Thankfully, I've learned over time to prepare for this and schedule around it.
The sheep barn has been in do-not-disturb mode this month with only minimal management jobs sprinkled in here and there.
Carissa is on chore duty most days, which takes the pressure off of me feeling guilty when I'm in the fields but feel like I should be in the barn.
Mother Nature once again has kept us on our toes with a weird planting season.
And what we've learned so far this year, is the importance of all four seasons and how each one affects the next.
Our smoky summer season last year, pushed out fall harvest.
Our late, wet fall meant we didn't get some critical groundwork done to prepare us for spring.
Our warmer than usual winter meant we didn't get frost to help break down our cover crops and soils making this spring's seedbed less than ideal.
Which brings us to now.
This spring has been wet, with sporadic three day windows here and there to get the crops in.
All while not feeling great about the conditions in which we plant them into.
But, we are down to our last field of soybeans and are finally seeing the planted crops emerge and looking half decent after all that worrying.
 Jess has once again started her summer job as a summer research technician with a crop protection company and is loving it and the crew she works with.
It's been wonderful seeing her really live this summer, after the nightmare of last year's.
She also had a follow up CT scan early this month and safe to say we all breathed a sigh of relief when everything came back clear again!
Jack is still busy with work, but came home last weekend to spell me off the tractor for a few days so I could spend it on a trip with my mom and sisters.
Having both kids home helping for the weekend after weeks of stressful fieldwork was an instant relief.
Just knowing they can take over with minimal guidance, doubled with the fact they do so willingly, swells my heart, and lifts a heavy weight off both Mark and I.
I had a hard time leaving home when we were so close to the finish line… BUT spending time with my mom and sisters was not only long overdue, but so very much needed.
I'm learning slowly through the years, that time doesn't wait for us to finish that last job.
Say those last words.
Do those things that we're too busy to do.
I'm learning to take these little moments as they come, WHEN they come.
Because, the little moments don't always wait for the perfect time…
That maybe these little moments are ALWAYS at the perfect time, and turn out to be the exact thing you didn't know you needed.
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