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My YouTube channel Sheepishly Me is a story book. 

A book that instead of writing on paper, I’ve picked up my camera and pressed record.
It is a book that started in 2017, with twists and turns, with new chapters and new discoveries.
It is a book I am sharing virtually for the world to see.
To see me... a mom, wife, and farmer journalling her way through life in hopes of creating community.

The thing about this book is there is no set storyline.
No scripted days, months or years.
No set outcome, or ending.

But what it does have is an element of learning.
Learning where I’ve needed improvement, learning from failure, and learning from success.
And it's in journalling these things that makes this book worth sharing.
It's not about the final destination or we would all read the last page first…
It's about the journey.
The story.
The whole story.

This is mine.❤️

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