It all started when.
A branch of our farm that wasn’t exactly a vision for either Mark or I after graduating university in the late 90’s was our sheep farm.
In fact, I was working with Mark’s dad and brother right out of school, for the next 13 years on their broiler breeder operation. But after much soul searching, and a longing to have something we could call our own, we stepped away from the family business to pursue our own dreams.

The sheep came in 2012, after realizing stepping out of the barn for me meant stepping away from what really makes me happy.  I love helping Mark on the grain side of our business, but longed to be back in a barn.  So the search for the perfect animal began. To say sheep are perfect is a stretch, but to me, the challenge, the learning curve, the little wins and the many losses - sheep farming has taught me so much.  About animal behaviour, about leaning on others for help, about observing, about learning from failure, about progressing, and about sharing with others what I’ve learned.

I share this life with you not as a teacher.  Not as a guru.  Not as an expert.  I share to take you on the journey with me.  To be with me as I try new things, stumble, succeed, or try again.  In my life, I’ve learned more from people who have shared not just the good, but the not-so-good.  Not just the successes, but the many failures that preceded them.  I started this sheep business with no knowledge, no experience and no confidence.  I turned to Google, instead of others because I didn’t know who to trust (like Google is any better?  ugh.) Asking other farmers and getting a million different answers had me chasing my tail.  I don’t want others to have to feel the way I did those first few years. If that means sharing the moments of defeat, so be it.

Guys, I’m still learning.  Its been 7 years, and everyday, the sheep teach me something new.  Or have me scratching my head.  Or have me laughing.  Just when I think I’ve got this… the universe reminds me (not so subtly) that indeed, I do not.

Hope you enjoy the ride with me.

 - Sandi 

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UNpopular Farmer Podcast 

Take a listen to our podcast - UNpopular Farmer - featuring my husband Mark and I.

We're proud to farm together, parent together and somehow still live together after 21 years. Over the years we’ve experienced stuff.

Good stuff, bad stuff, ugly stuff and nice stuff.

We’ve seen farming change. Evolve. Innovate. Create.

And then we saw it slowly go from being a trusted symbol of strength, perseverance, and legacy to one of shaky resolve. Be it political, social or financial… farming is suddenly feeling somewhat unPopular. Its our mission to sit together and talk about the things top of mind making us feel this way. Letting you, our listeners literally be a fly on the wall. Maybe you agree. Maybe you don’t. And that’s ok.

That’s the point of this podcast. Hopefully you enjoy the journey with us.

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