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September 30th, 2023
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like September is when a new year ACTUALLY begins?
Like, move over January… September is in the house.
Bust out that new planner, scroll TikTok for the latest and trendiest organization methods and head into September like the boss you are. 
Historically, September for me has been that month of chaos and change.  The kids would start a new grade at school, come home with scads of paperwork I always forgot to fill out, 4-H and fall fairs would inundate the calendar and harvest would lurk around the corner like your friendly neighbourhood gossip collecting the latest intel. 
September was my version of the Sunday Scaries.
Perhaps it still is…
But this year, the chaos was manageable and the change was welcomed.
After a summer of laser focused attention to Jess, I was finally able to raise my head and take notice of the month ahead in relief.
The month began with my barn being topless.
Yup, legit days before lambing was due to begin was the only time (weather wise) that we could replace the roof on the barn.
Thankfully, September blessed us with glorious weather and indeed as soon as the roof was installed, the first lambs dropped.
Lambing just finished this week, and honestly… I couldn't be happier with how this group did.
And I can't believe just how much I needed it to be.
After two less than stellar lambing sessions (amongst a cancer diagnosis during the first, followed by chemo treatments during the second) this third group felt like the universe reached down, padded my shoulder and said “here ya go… enjoy this one.”
Meanwhile, Mark's been busy on the land fixing drainage tile, doing some tillage work, started planting our winter wheat and even some harvest began this month.
Corn silage is in (which means the sheep are officially fed for the next year), and our first day of soybean harvest began yesterday.
Jess is on the mend, and watch out world… her hair is making a triumphant return and she couldn't be happier about the five o'clock shadow that now occupies her head.
She had a post-chemo checkup and things look good!
She was able to head to Toronto with her friends to attend a concert, and homecoming last weekend at her university.
She's tired, but her heart is full again.
Jack has been on service calls for work and has called Ohio home for almost six weeks now.  Thankfully, he was able to ask if for the summer months he could be close to home in case we needed him to help with the Jess situation.  So now that he's off the hook with us, he's been pretty much on the road ever since.
Speaking of road trips, I too ran away for a couple days this month.
I finally headed east to visit the Mariposa ladies and see all the wool projects being made for our fall and winter launches.
Still can't confirm a date, but stay tuned!
I'm so excited to share with you all!!
And finally, last night was our official BOOK CLUB launch (Jess and I) and I have to say, wow.  What a wonderful, beautiful hour I got to spend with a community who shares the love of books and my daughter… who radiates when she chats about books.
Safe to say, we will be making this a monthly event!!
As September winds to an end, I'm embracing this new year feel with open arms.
2023 has been brutal, but also healing in so many ways.
And although some of our busiest and stressful months in terms of work are yet to come, I sit here at October's front door excited to step through it.
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  • I love watching ur u tube videos. I raised sheep as hobby for 10years n loved every minute of it. I started with two bottle baby ewes. N grew from there. I loved the white ones but when I bred for color was so excited to see blacks ,like u do. I so miss my girls n it helps me to watch your videos. That gives me just Little that I used get from my girls. Thank You.

    Connie Smith

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